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Church Marketing and Communications Strategies for Your Ministry

MinistryStory #27: Video for Churches

Posted by Dave on Dec 13, 2013

The Power and Value of Video for Churches A conversation on merits of churches communicating via video, YouTube, and social media wit Garth Holmes. Episode Run Time: 41 minutes Subscribe in iTunes… Download the MP3… Today churches have a unique and cost...

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MinistryStory #26: Church Leadership Essentials

Posted by Dave on Dec 4, 2013

Church Leadership Essentials: What Every Pastor Need to Know A conversation on church leadership, ebook publishing, discipleship and evangelism with Greg Atkinson. Episode Run Time: 36:01 Subscribe in iTunes… Download the MP3…   Are you a pastor or church...

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MinistryStory #25: Church Printing and Signage

Posted by Dave on Nov 4, 2013

The Importance of Clear Church Signage in Churches A conversation with Joshua Gordon on the strategic impact of great church signage. Episode Run Time: 36:10 Subscribe in iTunes… Download the MP3… This is a topic that I think will be very helpful to church...

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MinistryStory #24: The Essentials of Church Marketing and Communications

Posted by Dave on Dec 14, 2012

The Essentials of Church Communications Episode Run Time: 31:40 Subscribe in iTunes… Download the MP3…     What are the essential elements of effective church marketing and communications?  Your challenge as a church leader is to craft your...

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MinistryStory #23: How to Position Your Church

Posted by Dave on Apr 27, 2012

Branding and Positioning for Churches Episode Run Time: 30:17 Subscribe in iTunes… Download the MP3   What makes your church different?  As a church leader, is your team self-aware enough to understand how to position your ministry within your community so that...

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MinistryStory #22: How To Effectively Promote Your Christian Event

Posted by Dave on Mar 27, 2012

Keys to Effective Church Event Marketing: Adam Fry Episode Run Time: 33:39 Subscribe in iTunes… Many churches and ministries plan great outreach events – concerts, conferences, seminars, community gatherings, special speakers, and special services. Often church...

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